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If there was a theme at the Depot this morning, it was flexibilty - not the sort that gymnasts have but the kind of non adherence to a fixed idea.

Many of the people who attend these Tuesday morning meetings have had more than one career before ultimately becoming self employed.

Some of us are what may be termed serial career movers!

Switching jobs used to be a bit frowned upon - these days however the millennial generation accept it as the norm and I personally applaud that.

At age 18 (or younger) it is almost impossible to fix upon a career that will suit you for the rest of your life. There are a few lucky people who are born knowing what they want to be and do but I would say they are the exception rather than the rule.

Our speaker today, Martin Spence of and is a case in point of someone who has had multiple careers - from mountaineering to creating the waterproof clothing brand Rab.

As he told us, sometimes you may have a plan in mind that will take you to A but somewhere along the way this transmutes and changes and you wind up instead at point D. The key is not to push against the tide - go with the direction that you are being taken and adapt if necessary.

Not only is that approach  easier, it also frees your mind and you begin to see other opportunities along your way.

Moral of this blog - accept change!

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Coincidence, serendipity or fate?

Or perhaps something to do with the unique, biggest village in the world, idea.

No idea what I’m talking about?

Well perhaps you should get yourself down to the Depot every Tuesday morning to find out what goes on.

In this instance, we got talking about those strange times when you meet someone you know (sometimes only by association) in the weirdest of places…

Like sitting outside a pub in Sicily, commenting on the accent of the guy next to you and finding out you lived in the same neighbourhood of Sheffield at the same time.

Or paddling in the sea in Newquay and discovering the person next to you was in the same class at school 25 years ago.

How about being in a remote part of the Highlands of Scotland and sharing a cuppa with someone who was a teacher in the school where your partner now teaches. Even more weirdly, finding out that she actually replaced him!

The stories kept coming and underlined how CONNECTED we ALL are these days. How the internet; whilst possibly meaning some people now don’t connect so much in a face to face sense; has literally shrunk this world we live in.

We are all part of the same family - what ever way you look at it, so please – make a point of treating everyone the way you would wish your family to be treated (unless of course you wish ill upon your own family for some reason!).

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Today we heard proof that networking really WORKS even if you suddenly find yourself unemployed!

A regular at several networking events, including the Depot, was made redundant several weeks ago.

Rather than sit twiddling his thumbs or applying for jobs online, he continued to attend meetings, building on the relationships he had already made - only this time he promoted just himself.

It’s paid off and he now has another role - completely different to the one he lost BUT one that he is absolutely perfect for.

I say this regularly (as do others) networking isn’t about selling products or services. Anyone that tries that approach will quickly find that they are quietly sidelined.

Here’s a few tips to get the most of networking:-

  • Do spend some time working on ‘your pitch’, usually 30-60 seconds is required.
  • Do ensure that you mention exactly what you are looking for – e.g. the type of business or client you would like to meet.
  • Do attend meetings regularly, dipping in and out won’t help you build relationships.
  • Do refer business to people you network with – reciprocity is the name of the game!
  • Do follow up with people – networking is not just about handing out business cards.


  • Don’t launch straight into a sales pitch.
  • Don’t expect results (i.e. sales) immediately, it could take several months
  • Don’t speak to only one person or group – ensure you talk to as many other attendees as possible.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to just one group - mix it up a little


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forest overlaid with text 'when you stop learning you stop growing'

I firmly belief that if you give up on learning, you have given up on life itself.

No one is too old to learn something new and no one can ever know everything.

For many people however, learning is associated with school a place that some couldn’t wait to get away from and have no desire to return to.

Think about it though, the advances in technology are so rapid these days that even to keep up with it requires you to assimilate new knowledge on an ongoing basis.

You are learning just about every day whether you realise it or not.

Why not then formalise some learning and achieve some qualifications that may help you in both your business and personal development?

This weeks speaker at Destination Depot was Jon Covey who is involved in an initiative to tap into the vast amount of unclaimed Apprenticeship Levy monies in order to fund learning opportunities.

If achieving some qualifications is something you have been thinking about, I strongly recommend that you have a look at the website and reach out to Jon.

Who knows how far you could go?

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Social media is often seen as the bane of modern life.

How many times have you read of the impact it has on mental health, particularly in younger people?

Conversely, if used well, social media can have a hugely positive effect in creating, growing and maintaining communities.

If you use social media for business try to think about it as a way to grow your audience and develop a community around you, your business and your product or service.

  • DON’T see it as quick way to boost your sales by making every post a sales message.
  • DO allow your personality to come through in your posts…remember people but from people and if they grow to know and like you via your social media postings they will be more likely to purchase from you.
  • DON’T be afraid to recycle your posts.
  • DO maintain a consistency of style, use pictures, memes and text to get your messages across in a consistent way.
  • DON’T spread yourself so thinly across several different platforms that you can’t keep track and monitor results.
  • DO consider paying specialists like the speaker at the Destination Depot meeting 11 June (BeMoreSocial) as they will help you ‘find your voice’.
  • Remember that your ultimate aim is for potential customers to recognise you/your business and to engage with you.

Your social media needs to inform and educate your audience. Sales will follow IF your messages shows you have a solution to a customer problem