Our why:

In Networking with whatever group we all learn things or meet some great people, if we then decide a particular group isn't working out, it is nothing personal, not in my view? 
It is professional, time is valuable and just attending for the craic or a jolly great Breakfast aren't or shouldn't really be the only outcomes you want? If they are you are already doing just swell! 

Just because you might not go to a group as often or ever again does not have to mean there was anything wrong, it has to be right in many ways? My Team and I along with many visitors will share this belief. 

There will be no atmosphere, if you come you come: Great, and everyone on our Business Bus always have time for everyone not just those we might see as interesting or for furthering our own Business needs, let's put people before pounds(£)! Networking is, in effect, part of a sales process. 

Now before our friend, the excellent and acquitted sales mindset coach Steve Knapp advises me, my take on it is that, this is introducing yourself, portraying your self and services, why you cannot be ignored and what makes you and your product or services unique! For those who curl up in horror or groan aloud we are all part of our own sales department, for the smaller businesses, we of course wear many hats!

So WHY because no one is an island we all need a support system and your network is the scaffold which not only supports you but helps you succeed!

Our How:

I am at the Forefront of this but without the support, expertise and commitment of the TEAM involved it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as it is going to be! 

Some have jumped at the chance to help, others have been invited, thing is they all are specialists in their own field. 

Inviting in people does not give me any fear or trepidation it merely helps me deliver what I want for us all. 

Additionally they all embrace feedback and want to make this the best supportive and productive group we can possibly deliver. 

We do not discourage our Networkers going anywhere else, we encourage them to spread their wings and fly and share what went well and if it was productive for them! 

From flight and exploring you appreciate other groups, new networkers, new innovative ideas and even recognise where we too here at Destination Depot might be getting it right? 

After all, we all want business , personal & professional growth ‘Full Stop’.