Introducing the ‘Why, the Where and the What’.

 ‘Destination Depot Full stop’ is a weekly networking event, worth the investment of your time to help you build your business, net-work & net-worth... 

destinationadjective [before noun] Worth making a special journey for: a destination networking event 

depot: noun [c]Depot came into English from the French word dépôt, meaning "a deposit, place of deposit." 

full stop: noun BRITISH a punctuation mark (.) used at the end of a sentence or an abbreviation used to suggest that there is nothing more to say on a topic. exclamation: full stop; exclamation: fullstop"business networking done the right way, can help you build your business full stop"
Your network may involve more than one scaffold company, what feels right for you is good for us! There is NO hard sell here. Never has been and never will be!

If you are successful, or gain additional success whilst we know you, we are HAPPY for you, not Jealous of you! Business generated in the group and stays within our network, actually going between the regulars and the regulators.....mount up I hear you say! 

Well it won't be everyone's cup of tea or choice but a high percentage will like and enjoy the Journey, we hope it gets you to where at this point you think is your destination, I personally wonder if anyone of us actually reach any destination at all! 

Let's enjoy and contribute positively to this Journey together in a potentially wonderful City and the proud County of Yorkshire: need YOU go anywhere else?